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Important !!! Published on 29-11-2017

PayPal - Invoices
All user deposit / payment transactions exist in PayPal and the other payment processors I use.
Given the circumstances with PayPal, I can give an invoice (s) or a receipt (s) in my investment program by the end of the year only with a prior arrangement.
For more information check the forum - News and Updates.

Bulgaria is blocked from using and Published on 16-11-2017

This is important information for the users of the sites I manage, which can be read in the forums and news of the respective sites.
Bulgaria is blocked from using and I will ask if there are those who have not received as 100% payments on their deposits to write on support. Their accounts will be open.
As you know I am a Bulgarian. I made a huge mistake by giving a link to my profile here. My original idea was noble. Because PTC sites exist for up to 3 months and only steal people's money, I decided to show that I am real and do not aim to steal or deceive the users of the sites I manage.
This has become a problem:
- The Bulgarian consumers, started writing in Bulgarian when need to use the support of the sites. For example, the script does not support Cyrillic, even though it is $ 1600.
- Most users started looking for personal attention through facebook instead of reading forums and / or site news. I'm too busy and I can not give any individual attention to anyone. If there is a support request sent to admin -
me, through the sites, I pay attention to users individually.
- This Paypal new seller test, which I currently have to endure, is triggered by disputes of 6 - 7 Bulgarian women. They have deposited $ 5 - 10, having received much more money from me, but have decided to ask for their deposits, which is stealing from me. I understand that this is a female malice of demotivated Bulgarian housewifes who clicking for $ 5 for a month on such sites, but because of this malice they are suffering about 10,000 users of the sites I manage.
For these reasons, the sites I manage will not be able to be used by Bulgarians. Any problems caused by my villainous compatriots must be avoided and limited.
As you know, I deal with other businesses and will not shut down the sites. For the next week I will open new payment processors on all sites. Paypal, will be able to be used not earlier than 45 days at the moment.

PayPal will remain closed for use for the next two months Published on 03-11-2017

PayPal will remain closed for use for the next two months.
Withdrawals can not be serviced. If you make a payment, it will be held for up to 30 days. Therefore, in order not to create discomfort for users, PayPal is closed.
PayPal is currently open for internal transfers only at
Refunds are not possible.
For more information, please read here.

Maintenance for, and is completed Published on 29-10-2017

Maintenance for, and is completed.
In and has been added Coinpayments, for deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin.
The page for buying credit for ads on is working.
Discrepancies in the information texts have been edited and the minimum withdrawal amount is increased to $ 10, in connection with the fees paid for withdrawals.

Maintenance on Saturday and Sunday this weekend between 14 - 16, +3 gmt Published on 26-10-2017

Maintenance,,, on Saturday and Sunday this weekend between 14 - 16, +3 gmt.
There are software problems and I don't know what is due. 
I'm just an administrator. My job is to review deposits and make payments. 
The developer who works on my sites is on a short break. Over the weekend, site issues will be reviewed. 
There is a loss of data in The advertiser page doesn't work, no ads can be purchased. has users with 500% profit for 1 week. I'll clear the differences, the question is that the problem is software and will continue if it's not corrected.